Sport and activities

From our facility it is possible to make several excursions with the centers of the agreement.

Climbing Sportive

At about 20 km we find the peaks and bowels of Umbria one of the most important crags in Europe, walls and streets suitable for all climbers. Caves that offer unique and unrepeatable experiences to experienced and non-speleologists. Ferentillo's Falesia with its climbing is the most evocative a free climber may want: as you climb, you will enjoy a wider view of Valnerina to reach the only point from which the valley can be admired entirely, In its full and unspoiled beauty.

Rafting on the Nera

In our territory we find the Cascata delle Marmore, the true pearl of Umbria, is an ideal place for rafting with the fantastic descent of the rapids in inflatable. Here, the Black River runs fast swirling over the rocks for more than three kilometers, forming fourth-degree rapids (grading in degrees of increasing difficulty ranges from 1 to 6), Surrounded by lush vegetation, in an environment that seems tropical.

Horse riding

Horseback riding is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences you can share with our horse friend, especially when it comes to discovering the lush and wonderful Umbria, but often hidden in Umbria. The fascinating landscape in which we find many surprises, from the green meadows to the uncontaminated valleys of secular chestnuts to the tallest beech trees, The Natural Park allows you to admire an extraordinary flora including bushes of canine roses and majestic broomstones, wild orchids, orange lilies and more bushes.

Percorsi in Montain bike

Riding a mountain bike is the most pleasant and stimulating way to visit I Prati di Stroncone and to enjoy the beauties of the landscape.
Starting from the carpark, apposite "I Giardini", and riding over lanes and muleteers, it is possible to meet the suggestive cromatical varieties offereed by woods, chestnuts and oaks, picturesque little lakes and St. Bernardino Church.
It is also possible to pass through peaaceful and relaxing like Valle Nua and Rotabile di Maggio.
Suggestive is also the path leading to Greccio, the sanctuary where St. Francesco, created the first Crib in 1223.

Percorsi Trekking